Le Trash C’est Chic H & M Waste Collection

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Glamorizing trash, isn’t that something we always dreamed of? Since the glory days of Derrelicte (yes, that’s a Zoolander reference, again), we always knew our dream wardrobe would be made of waste! Didn’t we?

H & M‘s Waste collection is a very special collection, made of leftovers from the Alber Elbaz collection for H & M. While absolutely embracing the zero – waste idea (especially remembering that unsold merchandise being trashed and thrown away), and fully knowing that the waste can’t outnumber the actual collection, I’m fairly concerned about where this is going and how will it be distributed since now it’ll only be available in one store per country. What’s your stand on the Waste collection by H & M? (via)

H and M Waste collection Lanvin leftovers

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