Ashley Greene Loves Jimmy Choo UGG Boots And Burberry iPad Sleeves

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When it comes to our beloved celebrities, you’ll have to agree, there’s no fashion parade like the one they put out for the world to see through the paparazzi’s lenses.

Take for instance an innocent flight departure starring Ashley Greene (you may know her as Alice Cullen from the all mighty teen novel turned movie franchise Twilight). She’s carrying what looks to be an iPad carefully wrapped in a Burberry zip closure sleeve and wearing the very comfy, star beloved Jimmy Choo UGG boots. It’s unclear who made the bag in which she’s carrying her weeny teeny tiny dog, but I’m sure it was in the $1,000 or else it wouldn’t have been worth the trouble, right? (photos via)

Ashley Greene Jimmy Choo UGG Burberry iPad sleeve

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