Daphne And Stephen’s Givenchy Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign

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Remember that couture mask we talked about a while ago? The one I said was perfectly fitted for Lady Gaga’s Christmas wishlist? Well there it goes, starring in Givenchy’s Spring Summer 2011 campaign.

After pushing Lea T last season, Riccardo Tisci found yet another visual, equally strong, to forward in his Spring Summer 2011 campaign. The gimp mask. Couture, I give him that much, but sm nevertheless. And it could be just about anyone under that mask, not necessarily Daphne Groeneveld (you might remember her from the cover of Vogue Paris) phantoming behind male albino model Stephen Thompson. Next summer is white or not at all! Too bad for Marc Jacob’s effervescent campaign!

Givenchy spring Summer 2011 ad campaign

However, one must consider that this is the second photo appearing from the Givenchy SS 11 campaign. The first one I found it to be perfectly romantic, edgy and pretty artsy. Daphne was the image of a fashion – promoted type of tragic love while Stephen was seen more through her than behind her. It’s the kind of romantic, surreal love teens are dreaming of. Geevenchee love! (photos via)

Daphne Stephen Givenchy spring Summer 2011 ad campaign

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#1 Agingerella on 12.20.10 at 7:03 am

I found some info about Stephen. Originally he worked for the Ugly Modeling Agency. Ugly Models!! “Ugly people” like him, an albino, or too fat or thin (huh?), too short of course and people with weird faces…..
Stephen enjoy your fash-fame it’s probably very short. :-(

I know a guy who’s an albino. He’s so sweet and very smart. person. These people have often physical defects. His eye sight is slowly disappearing. It’s so painful because he is a brilliant IT-nerd with a great job until now.

Yep, Givenchy, it’s sooooooooo artsy……

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