Stiletto Protector. Would You?

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Above any fashion madness (or maybe just because of that fashion has reached the madness levels), there’s got to be some kind of fashion madness heaven (or hell), some kind of bonus level you only get access to if you’ve got your all – stars mastered in fashmadness.

So there’s where I would place these Stiletto Protectors – in that above fashmadness sacred place we’re offered a glitz at every now and then. I bet you know that special place too – reach deep down inside of you and think of at least one example of plastic – covered sofa or plastic – covered remote control or mobile phone (I’m sure there’s more, be kind enough to widen my plastic – covered objects horizons, please! I’m so curious to find out what people plasti – mummify these days!). So – I guess it only comes down to this – would you put these “devices” on to protect your stilettos heels? (uptoyoutoronto via)

Plastic Stiletto Protectors

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#1 Gingerella on 11.09.10 at 6:35 am

Yes! Not so ridiculous like these. Far more subtle and practical. I’ve let the shoemaker save every new pair in the 80’s/90’s and wonder why it’s over. Dutch streets? Ugh…The oldies though were subtle, spared the heels. I walk on firmer heels these days because how much taxes we pay it’s not spent on our streets. Grrrr….

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