The Levi’s Double Denim Onesie

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You know there’s just one thing I think about when looking at this Levi’s jeans Onesie: pregnancy jeans dungarees! I can’t help it, it’s that time of the pregnancy when all I can see and feel is my huge belly. And the simple thought of getting that into a dungaree gives me the chills – it flatters no silhouette whatsoever, especially the pregnant one! So basically I always thought bad things about the jeans dungarees. Not anymore, though!

Looking at the new Levi’s double denim onesie, I feel my heart overflowing with fashion hope! Sure the model looks slender as a stick, much unlike my current frame (though I keep my style hopes up given we’re the same height 5’9.5”/176cm). Maybe I could pull that one day! (sure, the model wears a UK size 8/S, which is a long run from my current frame, however, it doesn’t hurt to have a heart filled with fashhope, does it?). How about you, would you wear the Levi’s onesie? Not? Why would you or wouldn’t you? (the onesie is available for $193,78)

Levis Denim Onesie

Levis Denim Onesie front

Levis Denim Onesie back

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