Marc Jacobs For Your iPhone And iPad

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Remember Bookmarc? It’s the new fashionable place to be in New York. Not so, really, but one of the most interesting new sites to take a long fashlook at while in New York.

Because Marc Jacobs is a la mode, he couldn’t have missed the iOpportunity to treat us with few accessories ready to use with our precious iPads or iPhones. Neon colors, hardly discreet appearances, it’s everything Marc Jacobs your iGadgets were hoping for! Only $48 for an iPhone/ iPad case and $103 for an astonishing neon stereo headphones experience (I do have this tiny curiosity as to who really makes those headphones speakers – you see, when it comes to listening, I’m such a picky one – fashion doesn’t cut it, it must be cutting edge technology). Oh, but Marc Jacobs is so fashionableeeah! (via)

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone iPad accessories

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