Heidi Mount, Baptiste Giabiconi’s Madame Figaro By Karl Lagerfeld

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Madame Figaro’s representation of the 50s is portrayed by Karl Lagerfeld as editor in chief and a dark mood as the main ingredient of a celebrity – filled issue. There’s Heidi Mount and, biensur, Baptiste Giabiconi for the cover and Frederic Beigbeder to co – write the story for the pictorial – conveniently named – Vacances dans le Coma (Holidays in a Coma). Everything in just the right time with the Kaiser’s Chanel collection just presented in Paris and Heidi Mount involved in an ugly scandal regarding her husband and his moral ways.

There’s nothing stopping the Kaiser from spreading his Giabiconi domination over the world! Not even a fifties noir story that apparently leaves the young man breathlessly lying on the floor… (via)

Madame Figaro Karl Lagerfeld Heidi Mount Baptiste Giabiconi

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