Naomi Watts For Ann Taylor Fall 2010 Ad Campaign

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Remember the last time we talked about Ann Taylor and their promotional ways? It involved some unnaturally airbrushed images. This time it’s about Naomi Watts. So they had to be extra careful. They even took out the big guns and used Peter Lindbergh for the shooting!

The Fall Winter 2010 2011 ad campaign from Ann Taylor looks cleaner now, more sophisticated and moderately photoshopped. Sure, there seems to be a fair amount of after-work done (especially to Naomi’s face), but we’re willing to let that go, after all, we’re seeing it everywhere. Those marketing people try to sell us wrinklefree perfection, everywhere! Well, I’ve got news for you, guys! Perfection is only achieved by living, experiencing, perseverating. Can you ever achieve anything without frowning? Come on? (don’t miss the behind the scenes video right after the jump!) (via)

Naomi Watts Ann Taylor fall 2010 ad campaign

Naomi Watts Ann Taylor fall 2010


#1 cc on 08.09.10 at 7:06 pm

Watched her recently in the English language version of ‘Funny Games’ by Michael Haneke. Very impressive performance and VERY daring choice of role although the director said he would only make the movie if she was cast in the part and she ended up exec. producer too.
Naomi Watts is great. She seems to give everything to her audience. Mulholland Drive, 21 Grams etc. She’s a powerhouse.

#2 Ellington on 08.12.10 at 4:11 pm

She looks fabu, and she is a very talented actor.
I loved her in Eastern Promises and yes even Tank Girl! : )

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