Missoni Fall Winter 2010 2011 Ad Campaign Video

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With a little will and drive, anything normal and sweet can become trendy, fancy, artsy and schmancy! Take this new video ad campaign for Missoni Fall Winter 2010 2011! Made by Kenneth Anger, it just takes my love for all things (read prints) Missoni and put it into a bottle, then seal it and throw it away at large.

It just doesn’t … feel right. I imagine it has a significant artistic value and it highlights the main features and strong points of the Missoni label, however, it just fails to be inviting to me. I suppose that back there, at the tip top of the artistic breed, you couple up this kind of video with an illegal substances cocktail and it all makes sense. Well, back here, does it make any sense to you? (via)

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#1 Adriana on 08.04.10 at 8:05 am

This is a very strange video indeed. But the man’s last name is Anger? Dunno, but….
I saw an interview with Angela (?)Missoni about the Missoni family life and traditions. Margherita is taking over when the time is there. In this video I see nothing of the warmth, the products, the lifestyle the Missoni’s promote.
This video was showed as well leaving me like: “huh”?

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