Would You Use Mobile Phone Charging Wellies?

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I’ve repeatedly made no secret of my love for wellies. Sure, I got me a black noname pair to carelessly walk in the mud, however, I still dream about a pair of black Hunters to frame and stare at – I wouldn’t dare stuff my Hunters in the mud, that’d be inappropriate for something I dreamed of for so long.

However, I think that even Hunter can benefit from this new “invention”: the Orange Power Wellies. Using clean and renewable energy to create electricity to charge your beloved mobile devices is something quite noteworthy. The unique soles are the very mechanism creating the necessary electricity: thermoelectric modules, interconnected are sandwiched between two ceramic wafers. The heat from the foot applied on one side and the cold from the ground on the other side, electricity is instantly generated. I don’t know much about physics, but I know this much: the mobile phone charging wellies can be an interesting addition for the festivals season… Would you use them? (via)

Orange power wellies

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