Guerlain Shalimar’s Jade Jagger Bottle Makeover

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You know how I imagine art projects? Especially ones with (at least) Shalimar’s magnitude? I imagine there’s a lineup of artists (more or less qualified) submitting their projects proposals, in an auction, to a special committee and then the winner is carefully, thoroughly and rigorously selected.

Some of the latest artistic collaborations going on in our world turns my vision to mere dust. Another proof sustaining that is Jade Jagger being commissioned by Guerlain to redesign Shalimar’s bottle. A 85-year-old perfume bottle, might I add! On what grounds? Aesthetic, professional and/or fame-related? Either way, the new Jagger Shalimar bottle will be out in September and it’ll feature a pedestal base with the same fan-shaped bottle. A smoky grey-blue cap and a navy leather tie on its neck. I would have understood a sari, but a leather tie? (via, photo via)

Shalimar by Guerlain

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