Sonia Rykiel For H & M Again, Erin Fetherston For Juicy Couture

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From the upcoming collection ready to hit the shelves, the good news worthy of mentioning for a fresh week start aaaaaare:

Sonia Rykiel is coming back to H & M for a new collection. It’s the third one and it’ll be available really soon! Sonia Rykiel for H & M Summer 2010 will hit stores this June! Also, in comfy related news, Erin Fetherston was signed chez Juicy Couture and she’ll be creating something special for JC’s now famous track suit’s 10th anniversary. Wouldn’t you wish she’d take out the juicy behind print for the occasion? (via 1, 2)

Sonia Rykiel H M collection 2010 Erin Fetherston Juicy Couture


#1 café au lait on 04.30.10 at 2:08 pm

what a shame, I will never, never buy anything from this store, first they use kids, seconds they exploite people who made them, tertio they damage the planet, cuarto if you don’t buy it they cut the cloth like so no one who din’t but it can’t wear it even the poor in the streets.

So Correct me if I’m wrong,I’m against I used to buy a lot from there even for my babygirl, (now she’s sleeping with a pyjama from there.), I decided to open my eye, If I can’t afford a local designer cloth whom I know the philosophy I buy second hand, My daughter is 18 months, some times I see her as a teenager and asking me what I did myself to preserve the planet for her.

Our children will be ashamed.

#2 cc on 08.01.10 at 4:22 pm

Love what she’s wearing – very chic

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