Repetto Boots Fall Winter 2010

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As I’ve already made my confessions, I’m a (very) high heels girl. It’s either that or (very) flat soles. However, when it comes to actual foot comfort, there’s a so much to say about both kinds. And it’s so hard to find the right arch support, the right sole construction to meet your own structure’s needs.

Especially when it comes to dancing! Dancing shoes should be your most comfy shoes. I usually went dancing wearing my Converse sneakers. Just to be sure! Now I’m having second thoughts while looking at Repetto’s Fall Winter 2010 collection. Would dance shoes specialists make better shoes even for day-to-day chores? And did you know Repetto was making boots? I mean flats, yes, I know. Who hasn’t heard of Repetto’s ballerina shoes? Meanwhile, who has heard of Repetto’s knee high boots? (via)

Repetto Boots fall winter 2010

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#1 Adriana on 04.28.10 at 7:18 am

It is possible. I’ve a pair of boots, not Repetto’s but brand Chie Mihara (Barcelona) who have such a perfect supportive fit that it did wonders for my healing bruised foot! So I bought also a pair of their cute shoes. Dance worthy! Great for summer (which is today – I’m on my balcony). :)
I’ve never heard of Repetto. So why shouldn’t their boots been as perfect for dancing? ‘

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