Dolls. The Artistic Way. By Chris Jordan

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A day without Barbie is not a happy day! So I’m bringing you the Barbie Doll back (we should have a Barbie/day thing, just like the Converse!)

Now since I gave you a serious hint as to what’s next, take a look at Chris Jordan’s artistic installation and tell me what you see! (you can click the image for a larger view!) and then click through to discover the true meaning of this oeuvre exhibited for the first time in 2008!

Barbie Chris Jordan zoom

Yes, you guessed it right! Those tiny flowery structures are made from Barbie Dolls! 32,000 of them, actually! Why that particular figure? Because that was the number of elective breast augmentation surgeries registered on a monthly basis (only in the US) in 2006. Quite scary, huh? (Kopeikingallery via Mandi)

Barbie Installation Chris Jordan

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