Blur Tender

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I’m definitely at heart! And because it pains my good rocker heart that this Friday I totally deprived you of our oh-so-beloved Friday Break, Ima take it to an all new level : the Hump Day Break!

This week (indulge me, please!) I have something so special for you! I reflect all my obsessions on you and it’s not bad at all! I’ve been singing Blur’s Tender for so many hours that the entire house is now on a Tender spree! And that’s so beautiful! I trust you had a wonderful week with me here (I know I did! And thank you so much for that!), a splendid weekend because now we’re already on the roll with a new month, a new week! Let’s have a great time together, like we always do! (more right after the jump, enjoy Blur Tender!)

Have I already told you what Apocalyptic arrangements must be made in order for me and my Adored husband to see a movie together? Just the too of us? If not, well this is the time! Do you know when Avatar was released into cinemas across the world? 18th of December 2009! That’s last year! Do you know when the honorable Mister and Missus Kpriss went out to cinemas to see James Cameron’s Avatar? Well, just the other day! And because we waited so long, we treated ourselves with a full Imax experience. Which was… well.. royal!

As you know, I’m definitely not a spoilers girl so I’m just gonna say this: if you haven’t had the Avatar pleasure until now please make all the impossible arrangements possible and run out the door to see it! Trust me on this one, those 2 hours 40 minutes will be magical! Absolutely magical! (and I’m not talking the Harry Potter expeliamus type! I’m talking the James Cameron ft Pocahontas via 3D/Imax neurons drooling type!)

(and as you’ve probably guessed by now, that if you haven’t had the Avatar pleasure – it’s a crushing movie about love. About connections and communities. All kinds and natures! So Blur’s Tender comes as a natural Avatar progression into the real Stylefrizz world) Getting back to the song now: Blur presented Tender to the world in 1999. (am I getting old, or there was really great music done back in the 90s, late 90s?) Included on Blur’s album called 13 and it written by Damon Albarn and Graham Cox (and co-sung by them). The song followed Damon’s break-up with his then girlfriend Justine Frischmann (Elastica’s lead vocal, who was very emotional when first listening to the lyrics) so it’s natural to assume that this is what inspired Tender. There was another video version proposed to the band but they didn’t approve it so the only official video is this black and white studio one. Simple and beautiful, just like the song, isn’t it?


#1 Ellington on 02.03.10 at 9:13 am

Love Blur and I also love the Gorillaz ( they are one of my favourites!).
Nice song choice Kpriss. : )

#2 Adriana on 02.03.10 at 9:54 am

I have not seen Avatar yet. I’m afraid I’m gonne be one of the last that sees it. For the IMAX experience I’ve to travel to another town. So maybe in April?

No, we’re not getting old. There’s a huge group of teens around who are convinced they are born to late and have missed the great 90’s rock.
Great choice Kpriss. I love Damon Alburn’s creativity. Rushes now off to the audio to play the album….

#3 Adriana on 02.03.10 at 11:27 am

Blur live at BBC’s Jools Holland with Tender is now the “recommended video” on my YouTube channel. I remembered it all of a sudden…….
It’s never a “recommended video” it’s more about what I love or love to remember, a reflection of my current mood.

Thanks for the reminder. :*

#4 Adriana on 02.03.10 at 12:49 pm

Kpriss sweetie it’s only a few hours later and the love has been spread around yet……I just received a message from my French YouTube friend who was so happy I added as will this video as Blur’s live version of Tender to my faves. He’s has done the same thing…..these are the small things in life I appreciate so much……:)

#5 Adriana on 02.26.10 at 8:22 am

Thanks to this video I’m in a renewed Blur phase at the moment. God, they were so good! Last night I found a live performance at the famous Glastonbury Festival in 1998 on YouTube. I was so moved and was all teared up also because how the crowd sang along.
I read some comments and someone wrote something like: “I was there and I stood front. After they finished the song the crowd went on singing for almost three minutes and Damon cried….”……God, that must have been an amazing experience!

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