Your Artsy Office Space!

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This is not your average fashion article. But it is an article about style, architecture and stuff you love dearly. And most of all, it’s an article I kindly, lovingly dedicate to my Adored Husband!

And I give you… (drumroll, please!) The POD Prefab Home Office Unit! It’s your very own creative space that you can put in you backyard, somewhere hidden and isolated and most of all private! (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Prefab Office POD

Have you ever tried to work in a children filled area? I did! And I can tell you, with a hand firmly placed on my heart, it’s not an easy task! (read mission: impossible!) You’ve got one stubbornly trying the resistance of a toycar structure against the wall somewhere at your left, one hurling from the top of his lungs at his Spiderman at your right, one hanging on you to dress up her doll (again, for the hundredth time today), phones ringing, (children) music playing loud in the background (have you ever listen to children music? It’s really not one to pack for a Yoga session!), food baking in the kitchen, your washing machine drumming rhythmically somewhere in the bathroom, your (normally adorable and irresistible) dog barking at you because she suddenly wants to play with you… shall I go on? I can, you know? I really can!

Prefab Office closed

That’s life in our household. Like every day! And I love every second of it! And most of all, I love my Husband! And that is why, because I love him so, for his birthday, I’m seriously considering the Prefab Home Office! And if I think this thoroughly, I’d even consider a second one, for me. And three more, for each of our tiny warriors! How about you? (photos via)

Prefab Office daylight

Prefab Office inside

Prefab Office space


#1 Ellington on 01.19.10 at 9:42 am

Nifty idea, but honestly Kpriss I could mos def see your kids, anyone’s kids actually, taking it over as their fort.
That’s what I would do! ;)

#2 Adriana on 01.19.10 at 1:48 pm

Since you “love every minute of it” I don’t need to feel sorry for you!

A fort Ellington? No way, children needs to learn some things to, like privacy.
I love this pre-fab place and the garden. Even on my own I would love to sit there. Quietly and content writing what I must write for so long and enjoying the view. It’s brilliant!

(So, the love for shiny Iron Man has not moved along to the new home? :) )

#3 Bibi in wonderland on 01.20.10 at 3:24 am

I definitely adore this place and the fact you would consider buying it for your husband… so cute! :) I’m sure he would love it and your tiny warriors too!

#4 kpriss on 01.20.10 at 5:57 am

Oh no, by all means! Don’t be sorry! At least I don’t get a moment of rest to think about this world’s atrocities, which, in my green corner of paradise is pretty good. Shallow, but good!

Ellington, you’re half right! half because there’s no way these kids won’t find you, not even if you’re hiding under a rock and when they do find you, well… they won’t try to take your fort from you, they’ll surround you, bring their entire shaboom of cars, balls, mini balls, dolls, cubes, lego pieces , well, you get the idea, their entire toys arsenal in your fort’s immediate proximity (just in case they need to bring it down if, God Forbid! a car falls into pieces or a train doesn’t have any more batteries to ding along) and they wait. They play and they wait. Wait for you to get out and then bam! They’re all on you!

Bibi, I tell you, it’s the secret of a successful home working plan!

And now, my lovelies, since you’ve got the home report and you kinda liked it, don’t mind if I come around from time to time to break our daily entertainment with one of Kpriss’ daily living-introspection ;) I try to make it as funny as possible and as accurate as always!

#5 kpriss on 01.20.10 at 6:04 am

PS – the Shiny Red Mighty Iron Man is lying in a box, under the boys bed where my sweet baby girl left it to dust in peace! And then we all lived happily without having to hear “I am Iron Man! Repulsors Blast! Auxiliary power engaged!” and so on!

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