Victoria Beckham’s Harper’s Bazaar, December 2009

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What do you know? Victoria Beckham graces the December 2009 cover of Harper’s Bazaar, the UK edition. And that’s not the best part!

The best part is that in her interview, she said she’s working out. Every day of the week! If you ask yourself (just like I did) why, oh why?, the answer (is not as you might expect “because exercising is good for your health”) it’s because she doesn’t want to rely on Photoshop! (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Victoria Beckham Harper s Bazaar December 2009 cover

Yes, Posh works out every day! If she does so, then there’s really no hope for the rest of us, other than burn in the fat hell fire! Don’t get me wrong, I promised myself I’d start exercising so many times, I lost track. And hope I’ll ever get to do it. I know I should, but the best I’ve come up with yet is put a label with “exercise room” on the kitchen’s door. It’s not nice, but it really works. Conscience-wise.

Victoria Beckham Harper s Bazaar December 2009

Victoria Beckham Harper s Bazaar December 09 cover

Getting back to Posh. Yep, so she works out. What else? she admits that fashion is more suited to her than singing. Let’s see now: if I remember it correctly, Posh Spice was covering the aesthetic chord of the Spice Girls. She was the pretty face (who couldn’t sing, but that’s another story altogether). Plus Spice Girls c’est du passé, fashion is now! How could she say that singing was her thing? Na-na. Predictable through and though , Victoria Beckham does 16 pages of UK’s Harper’s Bazaar, December 2009. Is that good or bad? (via)

Victoria Beckham UK Harper s Bazaar December 2009

Victoria Beckham Harper s Bazaar December 09


#1 anom on 11.01.09 at 5:43 pm

Her appeal is lost on me! But I do like the aesthetics of the cover – classy black & white with minimal text. I just hate celebrity for the sake of it.

#2 Adriana on 11.02.09 at 8:23 am


#3 Ellington on 11.02.09 at 9:22 am

I am ever so sorry, but who bleeding cares? I mean really?!
She is not interesting.

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