The Sartorialist Confession

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The Blogosphere is growing more and more influential! It has boldly gone where no one has gone before and took on the Sartorialist’s photographical manners by issuing a chart you’re to follow a lettre to get your picture snapped by Scott Schuman!

Now the Sartorialist Strikes Back with a Times interview (freely translating that into How To Get On The Sartorialist: Critical Update!)

What is your favourite place/time of year to shoot?
Florence in January during Pitti Uomo [the men’s trade show]: it draws chic men from all around the world, becoming a cornucopia of styles, price points and tastes.

What makes you want to take someone’s photo?
I try to stay open to the moment. I’m usually just reacting to what I see, and don’t know what I like “best” about someone’s style until I sit down to view the photographs later. I’m always looking to be surprised or to see something familiar in a new way: it could be about colour or proportion or just a person’s posture.

What is your one piece of fashion advice?
Dress for your lifestyle. Even though I love suits and the craftsmanship that goes into them, I don’t wear them much because I’m always out shooting in the streets.

Get Photographed by the Sartorialist update

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