Dare To Wear The Toy Necklaces By Peas, Corn And Tomato Sauce?

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You know those days I was telling you there’s not a tote big enough for a mother’s needs? That’s what I was complaining about! Carry-on toys!

There’s no manual about that, when you’re having your amazing little baby, the nurses don’t give you the warning notice where you explicitly read the proportions your bags will have to have from that moment on! Nope, nothing like that! You have to find out about that on your own! You’ll have to keep a friendly face on while carrying your tots and your humongous totes around all day long! Anyways, here comes a very interesting idea from Peas, Corn & Tomato Sauce: The Toy Necklace! (the story continues right after the jump!)

Soldiers Indians Toy Necklace

There’s something for the boys and there’s something for the girls! Your crafty children will quickly learn how to be responsible and grow into mummy’s helpers with these amazing necklaces! Army men, Dismembered Dolls, Knights! And the (even) greater news is that you can save at least a hundred bucks on those necklaces by taking notes and going extremely DIY! I told you, 2010 is all about Do It Yourself! Ready for those army, nights and dolls necklaces from Peas, Corn And Tomato Sauce? (via)

Army Men Necklace

Knights Toy Necklace

Multi Monster Toy Necklace

Monster Toy Necklace

Doll Toy Necklace

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