Nicole Richie’s Maternity Collection For A Pea In The Pod

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Nicole Richie is so creative while pregnant! And so active! She came out with the House of Harlow jewelry collection around her first pregnancy and now she’s (completely surprising, I know) premiering her clothing designer self trough A Pea In The Pod.

Saying that Nicole Richie’s Maternity collection is original is like saying that it’s raining upside down, but she’s pregnant, so I’ll confess to not being entirely objective in this matter. Because even though she brought nothing really new and/or relevant to the maternity way of clothing, it’s a blessing to see some normal outfits in a maternity store! (the story continues right after the jump!)

Nicole Richie A Pea In The Pod Collection

Knowing that your endlessly growing belly can fit into something more than sack dresses or the infamous jeans jumpsuit (and derivatives) that brings you in the Bob-the-Builder neighborhood more than in the happy, glowing expecting mothers block is a relief for any pregnant woman. For the stylish pregnant out there who cares to look further than her husband’s wardrobe (yes, yes, don’t raise your eyebrows, it can work wonderfully!) and thinks that the elastic band from the infamous maternity pants feels just as comfy as a thorns belt: Nicole Richie’s Collection for A Pea In The Pod is the proof there’s still hope for pregnant clothing racks! There’s still hope that you can feel and look like the beautiful woman you are even if you belly (and the maternity clothes out there) makes you look more like a kangaroo than anything else.

Nicole Richie Pea in the Pod Maternity Collection

And even if you don’t buy Nicole for A Pea In The Pod, all you need to remember while being pregnant is to size up your normal wardrobe, don’t swear exclusively on maternity clothes! They just make you feel … pregnant! And believe me, as blessed as it may be/look, you’ll just want to feel a woman! (photos via)


#1 Adriana on 08.10.09 at 2:21 pm

Yes, this looks really nice to wear. Even if your not pregnant!
No, it’s not original and it’s a celeb line again with the celeb poses in her own line but I can accept this. Kind of….Because years ago I watched the first reality series with her friend Paris Hilton and I hated her! I wanted to slap her. What an annoying girl. Paris was annoying too and a bit sweeter but so spoilt. But look how Nicole has cleaned up her act and does look healthy and happy with her cute family. So, I’m a softy, believe it or not….and now I think: poor Paris…..

#2 cafe au lait on 08.24.09 at 4:07 pm

When, it reminds me when I was pregnant, i bouhgt things that i could wear after,
to be honest I wanted also that every one know that I was pregnant, I like the dress in the first pic, it’s nice dress with or without the belly.

she looks healthier than before, but I still not like her but like her style.

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