Unearthly Kitchen With The UFO Juicer

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Ever since I discovered Alessi, I became a fan of whimsical kitchen appliances/tools. Things that belong in the kitchen but don’t really look to be destined for the cuisine space!

Stick to the space idea for there goes the UFO Juicer! Cute looking, harmlessly intended, the UFO Juicer is an useful gadget that anyone has (or should have) in the kitchen. Not necessarily with this out-of-space makeup, but isn’t this delightfully different? (What on Earth via Book of Joe)

UFO Juicer


#1 Adriana on 07.20.09 at 7:34 am

You are an Alessi fan? You love whimsical kitchen tools? Ah, just like me! I own kitchen toolsI do not really need but I love the design or it looks so nice in the kitchen it makes my day…it’s silly I know. I do own an electric citrus press designed by Alessi for Philips. A limited edition. I’ve bought it in 1995 after months staring at it complete in love with the then very, very expensive gadget for my budget. At last I bought it. And went almost nuts when people touched it or wanted to play with it!! No way. I still use it until today, every morning I press grapes or oranges on my beloved Philips by Alessi. I couldn’t afford it but it was worth it. It gets old now but that thing still does work. Right now it’s a serious collecter’s item.
This is one nifty too. I would like this one in case the oldie dies or to take with me on holidays. Right, I’m such an idiot! I don’t care what people think I want fresh juice in the morning….

I saw Linda Evangelista at Jay Leno’s show. She was with Kyle McLaughlin at the time in the 90’s. Leno asked her what he bought her for Valentine’s Day. It was kitchen supply! Leno laughed but Linda declared how she adored nice kitchen supply and actually uses it and she wanted something particular which Kyle bought her for Valentine Day. She smiled so sweet and I loved the idea and Kyle lol! So cute :)

#2 Adriana on 07.20.09 at 7:36 am

Oh my God….my piece is longer than yours Kpriss, hahaha, shops with nice kitchen supplies are almost as attractive to me as fashion shops you see….

#3 Ellington on 07.20.09 at 6:11 pm

That is a very cute juicer! I love kitchen gadgets! :)

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