Gundam Warrior Princess Makeover

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We live doll-times, ladies and gents! So this true Warrior Princess joins the ranks of action figures and miniature representations of various animated flicks heroes.

The Gundam in pink and white lace with little hearts and flowers all over is not as nasty as one should expect from a real Gundam. Whether you’re familiar with the Gundam phenomenon or hearing about it for the first time, you have to admit it’s an interesting little toy robot! Dubious, but surely a fierce one! Blingy-pinky Gundam ready for action! (via)

Pink Gundam

Pink Gundam action figure


#1 Ellington on 06.26.09 at 7:36 am

Hey she is really cute! I would love to have that in my collection! She looks like Voltron’s girl friend! :)

#2 Daydreamer on 06.26.09 at 9:12 pm

it looks like she’s wearing a pantie. And now what’s her name, Gundam?

Poor Gundam, she needs the new name.

#3 Adriana on 06.29.09 at 4:06 am

Never heard of Gundam. I’ve just learnt and am fascinated by a Japanese robot who can do home cleaning and show emotions. Not feels them but show them.
Has to google for this phenomenon.

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