Samsonite Blings Its Black Label With Swarovski Crystals

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I find it hard to believe there’s anybody out there who hasn’t heard about Samsonite at least once.

If you’ve been reading Stylefrizz, you’ve also heard about Chloë Sevigny’s advertising projects with Samsonite as well as Milla Jovovich’s print ads for Samsonite. Now it’s another round of Samsonite news making waves. Their Black Label Trunk collection (part of the Vintage series) was touched by the bling-my-everything-mania! If normally, a Samsonite Black Label Trunk costs about $950, I don’t even imagine what would be its Swarovski enhanced price! (there’s more after the jump, plus a poll attached to the article, don’t miss it!)

Samsonite Black Label Trunk with Swarovski crystals

I’m just wondering how it can be used since it is, after all, a suitcase that gets carried around (all over the world). And also if someone in the buyer’s staff (I couldn’t conceive that whoever buys this kind of Trunk, doesn’t have an army of people helping him/her with every thing from whipping his/her nose to reading the morning news for him/her) is charged with counting the stones and in case one of the crystals is lost, the oh so glamorous Samsonite Black Label Swarovski trunk wins instantly a garbage bin lottery ticket!

Samsonite Black Label Trunk with Swarovski crystals vs Hardspinner Trunk

Anyway, those who are charged with the stones inventory can breathe easily – there are only 30 pieces of this blingy suitcase in Europe, via Colette Paris. Now, now, just for fun – What do you think of this Samsonite Black Label Swarovski Trunk? Fug or fab? (You can vote right after the picture!)

Samsonite Black Label Trunk with Swarovski crystals detail

What do you think of this Samsonite Black Label Swarovski Trunk?

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#1 Adriana on 09.29.08 at 6:38 pm

Fug! Almost obscene and I got to wear shades looking at all these bling!

#2 ryder on 09.30.08 at 3:18 am

gorgues. i love it. im sorry but samsonite produces the coolest baggs even good for your back.
and with swarowski crystals on them… my my… im addicted.

#3 Ellington on 09.30.08 at 3:49 pm

I must say that I like this… but I do have a weakness for trunks.
I would love to have it but it would not travel it would stay put holding something really nifty and fashionable inside! :)

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