Funny Makes The Blogs Go Round!

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Today I thought I should deliver some fancy stylish fun for your stylefrizz faithful eyes. And the blogosphere is the place to search for high quality fashion entertainment.

Hand picked, with the utmost care, the following love links are just about as fun as you can get today when strolling around the fashion internet. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy! The fash-blogosphere is a sea of serious and stiff and gray fashion and style! Weekends are supposed to be fun, so get your every Friday break, your Saturday fun blogaround and don’t miss the special Easy Like Sunday, every Sunday! So, roll the Red Carpet, here comes the fun!

Thom Browne Menswear

Don’t try to make a serious pose with animal print outfits! Wear leopard and smile! (At least you didn’t kill it to wear it!)
Sticking with prints and graphic design, try and have a teeny tiny drop of graphic design wisdom for your eyes delight. It’s art-entertainment!

Getting back to clothes, why not dress your Mister with a fun(ny) sense of style?
And snap out of fashion for a magic moment, maybe your next billboard?
If you didn’t saw the exact niche to make your way in fashion photography, try these special $173,000 wayfarers to change vision!

Now let’s get back to fashion and have a serious catwalk minute (I know, it’s childish, but it’s completely compulsive!)


#1 lilkunta on 09.14.08 at 11:49 am

What runway show & designer weere these outfits 4

#2 Sal on 09.14.08 at 7:49 pm

You lovely lady! Thanks for the mention. ;)

#3 Adriana on 09.15.08 at 7:09 am

Its clear forums are over and they are not really enjoyable anymore. However, they were a quick read….there are so many blogs around at the moment that I can’t keep up with most off them. So I appreciate this ‘blogaround’. But I miss the interaction, if it works as it ought to be, as on forums.

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