Le Tribunal De Grande Instance: Hermès 1, eBay 0

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I was hoping the other way around, but Hermès got ruled in favor by le Tribunal de Grande Instance.

Unconfirmed, eBay has to pay $31, 058 for not having paid enough attention to the authenticity of goods sold on the website. Of course it won’t make a fortune out of this legal reward, but Hermès was happy to make this “important step in the fight against counterfeiting.”

Hermes Wins Against EbayYou see, I’m puzzled. For one I think it’s very important to have authenticity in view when talking ecommerce. On the other hand, counterfeiting has always been a normal underprocess of commerce, like an unwritten law of branding. If you have to choose sides in this battle, where should you pick to fight?
(via wwd, photos via hermes, ebay)


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