Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy TV Broadcasting Online

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Have you noticed recently how music takes over the world? No matter where you turn your head, music is there. Designers consider revolving the job descriptions for the personnel just to take care of their music…

And there’s more! Have you noticed how our fashion experts tend to lower in age? How the young and the restless are living walking and talking fashion and style magazines? Seems like everybody and their dog have a blog or a myspace account to talk about what’s hype and share passion for music and fashion. Now Tommy H. sensed the opportunity there and got his own little Tommy TV online thing. But Tommy’s not your average entrepreneur so he’s collaborating with Sony BMG, delivering the audience live recordings of The Hilfiger Sessions, interviews, and the possibility to upload your own music. Of course this music deed doesn’t go unpunished and the Tommy TV links to the Tommy Hilfiger online (clothing) store.

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy TV

MTV who? Meet Tommy TV! Do you think this Tommy TV will benefit the Tommy Hilfiger original brand? Like people will come listening to music and buying a t-shirt while they’re there?
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#1 Ann on 04.18.08 at 9:07 am

Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows this past weekend. It was a great success!

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