Marks & Spencer Wins $600, 000 Trial Against Grape Slipped Accountant

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(Or some things happen only in America!) May not be your regular fashion-post, but it’s all funny and we could use a bit of amusement at any moment!

Alexander Martin-Sklan, a 55 years accountant sued Marks & Spencer after slipping on a grape and injuring himself (ruptured quadriceps, adverse psychological effects and depression due to the 2004 incident) for more than $600, 000.

Marks and Spencer Shop

Because the grape lodged under the sole of his right sandal, he slipped and fell, his post-traumatic depression hurting his business and preventing him from skiing and playing tennis. The Judge (we’re talking about a London –courthouse, not an US-one where even a cup of coffee can bring you millions if you dare to sue!) ruled against him, ordering the accountant (who represented himself) $40,000 legal fees. At least M & S who’s losing big on the market, makes it up in the court of law!

Marks and Spencer Shop - Women

“In my judgment it was one of those accidents that could happen to anyone,” the judge said.

Did you lived any similar incident and thought about reporting and attacking in a court of law? I know I thought, many times!
(via reuters)

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