Karl Lagerfeld Supports Hillary Clinton

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I know you’re all familiar with the latest Chanel collection (spring-summer 2008 that is). And I know you noticed the US flag tribute motifs (stars and stripes all over the first part of the presentation).

Lately, dearest Karl Lagerfeld has something to say about everything. And that wouldn’t be strange, if it would be about fashion and style or the industry around beauty.

Karl Lagerfeld
But Chanel’s Karl has something to say about the social life and the happenings of the public political reality.

After declaring that what’s going on lately between french president Sarkozy and former super model turned singer Carla Bruni was something ordinary, undoubtedly “only quality” in this very interesting relationship, Karl Lagerfeld finds something to say about Ms Clinton.

My favorite is Ms Clinton because you have no real idea what she is wearing. She is so clever and so brilliant that you see only her face — but also what she wears is right, you never really look at it because one is fascinated by her intelligence. But there is never a gimmick or bad detail either.

I was never into politics, tried to stay away from things that are clearly way over my head, but maybe since fashion’s getting into politics (with Carla soon at l’Élysée), why not giving it a fair try? Chanel can forgive Lagerfeld for doing it, surely the world can forgive me…

PS – if you don’t remember the Spring Summer 2008 Collection from Chanel, take a look here.


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#2 Tim on 09.26.10 at 2:49 am

If it weren’t for the rings, I’d play along. But the rings are TOO MUCH.

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