The Breil Weil Dilemma

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Since someone has problems with justice and it’s getting sued for several millions dollars, you’d say he wouldn’t get even in hundreds miles of range of the damn thing that brought them the misfortuned trials. Well, that’s not Charlize Theron’s case! On the contrary! The signed contract with the Watches Producer Raymond Weil stipulated that she wore a Weil Timepiece in all occasions, she was not even supposed to wear jewellery that wasn’t Weil approved! Well, she chose a Dior Watch for several add pictures, she got caught and sued for breach of contract.

charlize theron weil charlize theron weil 2

raymond weil watches weil watches

Now we hear that Charlize Theron signed another contract promoting watches! With the Italian luxury brand Breil Milano. Let’s see how that turns out!

charlize theron breil 1 charlize theron breil 3

charlize theron breil 2

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